Quality Drama Training for Adults in Galway

New Autumn Acting Courses for All Levels

Autumn is always a great time to pick up a new hobby, try things you’ve always wanted to do or go back to something you used to enjoy…Why not consider taking a drama class to brighten things up? At Galway Actors Workshop, we cater to a variety of levels, from those who’ve always wanted to “give it a try” to professional actors who would like to learn some new skills. We also have a new for those with an interest in personal exploration and development. All courses take place in the Anno Santo Hotel, Salthill, Galway.

This Autumn we have a series of 6 and 12 week evening courses, as well as private one to one lessons.



Our Introduction to Acting course is on Monday Nights,  from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. This course is for beginners or those who haven’t done it in a while and are looking to get back into it in a relaxed, enjoyable way. We cover all the basics through various games, exercises and improvisations and the main focus is on developing confidence, getting comfortable performing in front of others, learning how to create characters and settings and most importantly, having fun. Starts 26th September. Runs 12 weeks. Cost is €250/225, with an early bird rate of €235/210 if you book before 22nd September.

The Next Stage: Developing Professional Acting Skills on Tuesday Nights, from 6.30 to 9.30, is an intensive course which gives students an introductory experience of the key skills an actor needs to develop for a professional career. Over 12 weeks, we will work on an established text from the point of view of voice, movement, text analysis, character and ensemble. We will also have a workshop on audition skills and professional development. Some acting experience and an interest in the acting industry is required. The course ends in a showcase performance in an established Galway theatre venue where students will perform a scene and a monologue. Starts 27th September. Cost is €300/280 (student/unemployed) with an early bird rate of €280/260 if you book before 22nd September.

Following on from last year’s Christmas production, The Snow Queen, we are offering an Advanced Performance Project on Wednesday evenings from 6.30-9.30pm. This course is by application only and is for experienced students who would like to get involved in a full-length production of a play which will be shown in a Galway theatre. Please email outlining your experience by 22nd September and the play itself will be chosen based on the core group. Starts 28th September. Runs 12 weeks with some extra rehearsals at the end. Cost is €300/280 (student/unemployed) with an early bird rate of €280/260 if you book before 22nd September.

On Thursday nights, from 6.30 to 8.30, we are focusing on the personal development side of things with our new course Presence and Flow: Mindfulness and Creativity through Drama. Much actor-training is to do with heightening awareness of the present moment and finding a calm centred space from which to create a spring board for your imagination. Drawing on a wide variety of acting training techniques, we will explore physical presence and mental focus as well as fun creative exercises! You do not have to have any interest in being an actor to do this course, it’s made for anyone who wants space to themselves to relax and explore their creativity. Starts 29th September. Course runs for 6 weeks and costs €120/100 (student/unemployed) with an early bird rate of €110/90 if you book before 22nd September.

For more information, or to book, please email galwayactorsworkshop@gmail.com or call Sarah on 087 237 3531.

  1. Hi I’m interested in the course on tue nights, I have a little experience on stage
    Sharon Reilly

  2. Hi I have contacted someone called Sarah about the 8 wk July course but have got no reply. I am wondering if yo can give me.some information?

  3. Do you have any summer weekend acting workshops this year 2015. Please thanks nicola

  4. Hi,
    I am a French student in NUIG, I am really interested in your programm but my problem is that I am a real beginner and I am a little bit very shy !!! Do you think that I can still join your programm ?

    Thanks for your answer

    • Hi Julie

      Absolutely! The course should be just the thing for you. I’ll email you on all the information for signing up and hope to meet you at the class🙂


  5. Hey there,
    I sent an email and left a vm regarding joining the advanced group. I have done the other group with you a while ago and although I do not have a huge experience of on stage acting, I would like to participate in the advance stage play in any which way of form to gain more experience. Kelly Protheroe…

  6. I would be interested in the beginners acting classes. I am 57 years of age and it was always a secret wish of mine to be involved in comedy.

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